What is the role of a conveyancing solicitor?

When you buy a new property, you will usually use the services of a professional and registered conveyancing solicitor in order to complete the purchase. So what is the role of this professional?


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A conveyancer is used for both buying and selling a property and the conveyancing quote you receive will be tailored to the services you require. Conveyancers will undertake a number of standard functions depending on the nature of the purchase or sale.

Preparing documentation

The conveyancer will help with both the settlement of the sale and the processes of transferring titles. Their conveyancing quote will include work to ensure that their client’s rights are maintained during the transaction and that they fulfil all necessary legal obligations.

The buyer and seller will both use a conveyancer, as both sides have contractual obligations under the Contract of Sale. The conveyancer will draw up documents such as the Contract of Sale. They will ensure that this contains any special conditions of the sale. They will prepare a Vendor’s Statement for the seller and carry out all necessary searches.

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Within their conveyancing quote, they will include the preparation of any supporting documents. All transfer documents will be prepared and checked to ensure that every required detail is included. A lot of the legal groundwork will be done by this individual to ensure that you are making a sound decision.

Giving advice

A conveyancer is also there to give advice, such as on the Contract of Sale’s terms and conditions and the vendor contract. They will explain if there are any unusual details or planning permission restrictions that could affect the sale. Most buyers and sellers will ensure that the conveyancer reads any legal documentation carefully before they sign it.

Conveyancers don’t usually get involved in direct arrangements for finance, however, but they can help to arrange bank settlements by providing the title deeds and giving support when mortgage documents need to be prepared.

They also help greatly with the detail around the administration of the sale, such as finalising and agreeing the date of the transaction completion. In short, these professionals play a vital role in the sale and purchase of any property. All conveyancers are professionally accredited and you can find them widely – many people look for recommendations to find a good conveyancer with an excellent reputation for service.