Humdrum to Humming: Quick Style Transformation with Textured Sweaters

No matter if you’re going out on a date on a Saturday evening or simply enjoying a lazy afternoon at the beach, your shirt is sure to elevate your look. You can pick from styles that are simple to dress, like a chambray button-down featuring Ralph Lauren’s pony-themed multi-colored embroidery.

This comfortable blend of cotton and linen can be used to relax on the beach, or while away from home. The look is great in a pair of sleek, stylish sneakers and jeans.

Wardrobe Elegance

The casual style leisure shirts are elegant, making them suitable for weekend events. A white tee, like this one, can be worn underneath unisex slip dresses or with a wide leg pant for a more polished outfit. The key to casual elegance is in the detail, such as the patterned tote bag from Calvin Klein and yellow Diane von Furstenberg sandals that are featured in this ensemble and click here

A pleated skirt and light sweater can be a fantastic way to create a fashionable ensemble. The look is comfortable for an afternoon spent in the shops or out and about. A similar effortless look can be achieved with an easy maxi dress. This outfit is perfect to take on a lunch date with your loved ones, or even a casual meal. For a night of electrifying entertainment, opt for streetwear and jeans with oversized jackets. Pair these items with sturdy boots, combat boots, or sneakers to make for a spectacular night.

Casual Fashion

The laid-back attitude of the weekend calls for a comfortable and casual look. But that does not mean you should compromise your style. Well-crafted jeans and sweaters are just as fashionable as fashionable tailoring pieces.

To create a casual and fun outfit Try wearing a chic pencil skirt with a tank and high heels (or flats for a more comfortable look). To add a touch of style, consider an accessory made of leather or in croc style.

It’s not difficult to overlook texture, but it’s an important factor in the way you dress. A dress made from something unusual such as suede, or Mohair, will add some texture to an outfit that’s smart and casual. It’s a great method to change your outfit from dull to lively. You can add a pair of jeans or chino trousers in the right color to complement your casual attire. The slim cut of these pants can make you look taller and more slim.

Cozy Flannel

Flannel can be worn in cooler temperatures. The fabric made of brushed cotton is comfortable and breathable but nevertheless warmer. This is a good option for casual clothing. It’s available in several colours.

LL Bean offers this classic fitted flannel for men and ladies in various fall-friendly plaids. It’s lightweight and is great on its own or with a thin tee. Dress it up with a jacket to go out for dinner or an outing on the weekend.

Target offers this adaptable shirt in flannel for a low cost. It’s oversized and comfortable enough to wear by itself and stylish enough to wear with layering. The shirt comes in tall and petite sizes, and features a lovely border on the back. Choose from up to thirty different designs and colors.


To wear a cool, comfortable and casual look that is elegant and comfy Look no further than linen tops. The breathable blue cornflower option can be worn with jeans, sneakers or even tied into a short skirt and hat when you go on a vacation. It can also be worn with a jacket for job; keep the buttons on top undone and roll up the collars to create a more relaxed appearance.

Women can try this chic chambray dress that’s ideal for barbecues in the backyard and other casual events or tucked in to a set of silky linen pants for a brunch date. This striped linen shirt for men is a great alternative for casual looks. Don’t tie it, or with untidy briefs and roll the sleeves up for a cool look for warm weather.