Different Types of Abuse People Face in Nursing Homes

Different Typesof Abuse People Face in Nursing Homes

Lots of senior citizens live in nursing homes. Elder people are more susceptible to abuse in nursing homes because of their less physical disabilities.

You can easily find signs of nursing home abuse if your loved one has cuts, bruises, or any other type of physical abuse signs on their body. There are some other types of abuse that are harder to detect.

You should know about all the different types of abuses that happen in nursing homes. Here are some for your knowledge.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is the use of force of someone. This type of abuse usually causes injuries and pain.

Physical abuse includes, but isn’t limited to things like striking, beating, pushing and so on. Any type of drug abuse or physical punishment is also considered as physical abuse.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is the act of distressing someone through verbal or nonverbal acts. This can affect the psychological health of an elder person. This type of abuse is what usually leads to physical abuse, so, you should never ignore emotional abuse, and should dig deep into the issue to find the real cause.


If one or more of the nursing home staff refuses or fails to fulfill their legal obligations towards the elder, this will count as neglect. Neglect us also a serious problem, and you shouldn’t skip this either when preparing to file a nursing home abuse claim.

If the elder person faces neglect, he might get devoid of basic things like food, water and medications. This can also be refusal or failure to provide a service that is listed on the agreement.

Sexual Abuse

It involves sexual contact of type with the elder person residing in the nursing home. If the person isn’t capable of giving consent, that will also count as sexual abuse.

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