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As the world becomes more advanced, pessimistic forces such as stress, despair, anxiety, and poor decision-making are gaining ground on humanity. Don’t you ever feel like, despite all your efforts, things aren’t going your way? This is when Singapore Feng Shui enters the picture. No, no, it’s not a dish but an ancient Chinese traditional practice.

Introduction to Feng Shui

Feng shui is a metaphysical science or an ancient Chinese practice that claims to use energy forces to balance people with their surrounding environment. Ancient Chinese believed, like modern science, that the universe follows a predictable pattern, and by examining these patterns, researchers deduced numerological codes which got divided into San He(3 Harmony) and San Yuan(3 cycles).

Stop scratching your head and allow me to put it in simpler words, singapore feng shui believes that the relationship between environment and a person is not the same everywhere, and taking into consideration or calculating the elements of surroundings, location, time, individual’s date of birth, direction, etc. a feng shui master can draw a qi (cosmic current, energy) structure of an individual or that particular environment. Great isn’t it?

Furthermore, feng shui consultation can be for your business, home, overseas issues, etc. For such foremost aspects, always trust an expert, Adelina Pang, a Fang Shui consultancy private limited, in Singapore, is one such expert. Adelina Pang is a foremost feng shui master, in Singapore, who not only got featured on BBC news in 2020 but was also a winner of the spirit enterprise award, in 2007

Final Thoughts

 Feng Shui is not fortune-telling but a boon to mankind, so stop condemning yourself when the solution is just an appointment away. For more information visit