Which HDMI Cable to Buy? – Need to Know

HDMI Cables vary enormously but they do not change.  These are typical questions that you may ask when you are searching for a HDMI cable to your HDTV. There is a whole lot of confusion about since the addition of 3D. This report will help one to sort out why and which wires you need to be looking at.

Version Numbers

First of all version numbers do not have any connection. An HDMI cable would not alter the features which are accessible from any other piece of gear or a TV. A TV will have several features like 3D or multi channel audio or more recently, color. These attributes could have been introduced at different stages in the progression of the HDMI criteria some features have been introduced with HDMI v1.2 some with HDMI v3 and some more recently when HDMI v1.4 was released. Whilst these modifications have been made by introductions to performance and the features of any piece of equipment fitted with an HDMI socket. It is still the exact same 19 pin socket which was first introduced back in new smaller versions are specified since but the complete size, type A socket remains standard on HDTVs. Similarly, the HDMI Cable used to link source equipment to an HDTV, has not changed either. So an HDMI cable that was used back in 2002 could still be used today on an HDTV using HDMI v1.4 attributes with no issues.HDMI Cable

Cable Types

To decrease the confusion surrounding HDMI model numbers, Best Retractable HDMI Cables will say HDMI model numbers but they will be marked as Standard Speed or Speed. Standard Speed cables can transmit over and HDMI signs while Speed wires can shoot pictures of 1080p supporting up images to 1080i. A Standard Speed cable Can carry 2D images that are normal and can support color lossless any other attributes and support the return channel in addition to sound. In addition to the above, 3D images can be carried by a High Speed cable and support resolutions up.

The Ethernet Channel

Introduced with the newest HDMI v1.4 specification and the best cause of confusion, the Ethernet channel allows suitable enabled equipment to be networked together and to get the net. This is the only element of this HDMI v1.4 specification that has an effect on cable choice. In addition to the speed classes and standard Speed, there is Standard Speed with Ethernet classes and Speed with Ethernet. A single HDMI cable can now connects equipment to simplify wiring. It is not necessary to if you do not have equipment that utilizes the channel Purchase an HDMI cable. So 3D, 4k, lossless audio, the sound return channel and the rest of the HDMI features will be available with the typical Standard Speed and High Speed class cables.