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Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is known for a variety of things, including its food and wine, fun-loving people, sports, festivals, and its stunning coastline. Summers can be spent relaxing on the seaside or trekking. If you wish to create an enjoyable picnic, there are lots of green spots to enjoy within the city.

So, if you’re planning a trip or going to pursue higher studies in Adelaide but aren’t sure where to stay? We’ve compiled a list of the top
student apartments adelaide has to offer. There are many options whether you want to sleep in the same room or have your own private area.

  1. Y-Suites

The Y-suites on Waymouth provide all you need to live a wonderful living right in the heart of Adelaide. Imagine being able to live near Chinatown and Adelaide’s famous Central Market. The most fascinating mix of restaurant chains, late-night hotpot establishments, and bubble tea stores can be found in this unique paradise.

  1. North Terrace

North Terrace is a great student accommodation option in Adelaide, with double ensuite apartments and studios that include WiFi, a bed, a cupboard, a laundry area, an air conditioner, a kitchen, a microwave, and an electric stove. They have other facilities like social events, a communal area, lounge, gym, CCTV surveillance, a study area, and all-inclusive utility bills.

  1. UniLodge City Garden

It is a contemporary student hostel. Choose from a variety of well-furnished and well-designed Studios and take advantage of amenities such as a community cafeteria, gym, cinema room, 24-hour receptionist, and more.


Experience the finest city living in Adelaide with outstanding convenience, an excellent social life, and a caring and kind crew.