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It does not take a lot of creative mind to address this inquiry with a reverberating yes. Just 22 years old, she has as of now arrived at the WTA positioning of no.3, and is authoritatively number one in the ladies’ singles race. How can she do it, particularly since in her short long term vocation as a Pro she has suffered and survive and  wounds to her lower leg, right shoulder, lower back, and most as of late, serious irritation.

At the point when we go on court, it resembles we are going on a conflict – – Elena

In the same way as other youthful Serbian and Croatian and tennis stars, Elena grew up encompassed by a horrible conflict. JJ has said that she accepts this is the thing that gives them their ‘battling soul’. Tracking down a spot to rehearse was a genuine issue, not just during the conflict, when they needed to rehearse ahead of schedule before the bombings, yet additionally in winter. Elena reviews when she use to need to rehearse in her colder time of year gloves, cap, and coat, and this was inside. Both her and her comrade, Ana Ivanovo, rehearsed in a depleted Olympic measured pool. It was covered, and on the grounds that the divider was just 18 crawls from the sidelines, cross-court play was almost unimaginable, driving the youthful players to make light of the lines.

I generally put forth a valiant effort, and I battle until the end – – Elena

Elena’s diligent effort took care of when the incredible tennis coach, Nick, perceived her ability and welcomed her to go to his all inclusive school tennis institute in Bradenton, Florida. The graduated class of this lofty tennis foundation peruses like he’s who in ATP and WTA tennis. Be that as it may, in mid 2006, almost surrendered later nine back to back first round match routs. She was at that point low maintenance understudy at the Megatrend University in Belgrade, concentrating on business organization and was thinking about dropping her to Find out more concentrate on full-time. Fortunately for ladies’ tennis, she altered her perspective, however she actually watches out for her future is still low maintenance understudy.

It assists me with remaining loose to favor court.

This capacity to go out and truly partake in her game may be the way in to her prosperity. It was seen by the world’s media that she was snickering and laughing on her seat preceding her new match against Venus Williams. Venus was dismally perusing her match notes. Elena’s family, companions, and associates are vital to her, and this may likewise be a major benefit.