Living with COVID 19 outbreak in South Korea

The human world has recently gone nearly tipsy curvy. The ongoing pandemic has gotten the regular day to day existence of people’s by the throat, and this happened out of nowhere. Dread has risen up out of the haziness and has multiplied inside the whole globe quickly, and this has deadened the standard works of people. The Novel Corona Virus has acquired a lot of novel ways alongside it, which were obscure to people until now, fairly dismissed by them. Presently, many state that from now onwards, there will be a pre and post Novel Corona Virus period.

Yet, will people become novel on account of Novel Corona Virus? In the event that we become familiar with the pith of this difficult pandemic, at that point we will see the rise of an inviting world on the opposite side of this disaster. Then again, on the off chance that the exercise stays new, at that point without a doubt, it will raise animosity between countries, which will take the world to novel encounters. We should seek after the best to occur. Let us have a touch of positive thinking and anticipate a superior human culture where there is no strict, station, or racial segregations.

Living With Novel Corona Virus or Covid 19 – Precautions

  • Be sterile consistently, anyplace, and no matter what. Keeping up close to home cleanliness is basic.
  • Whenever you move out, wear a face cover; for normal use, a two-layered material veil is better. You can reuse the equivalent subsequent to washing. You can likewise make it at home.
  • While wearing and eliminating veils, you should take twofold mind; you should not contact the center segment by hand; consistently, hold the string for wearing and eliminating.
  • Do not place your cover recklessly anywhere, after use. Continuously take it to your restroom if launder able and wash it with cleanser or cleanser right away. On the off chance that it is a ‘one-time’ use veil; you should wash it in a similar way and put it in a plastic pack and afterward to the trash container. You can likewise cut the equivalent into a couple of pieces, as this will forestall someone utilizing the equivalent once more. Subsequent to eliminating the veil, you should wash your hands.
  • Remember, when you are out of your home, you would not know whether the individual close to you is a Novel Corona Virus transporter in Shincheonji. This for all intents and purposes implies that your whole body is unhygienic and consequently, never permits your hands to contact weak pieces of your body, for example, nose, eyes, and mouth.
  • Always take a little jug of hand sanitizer with you; this will be of extraordinary assistance to you when you are progressing.
  • Forget about the handshake welcoming; do not welcome by a handshake; rather, you can simply overlap your hands and gesture your head. This is the best type of welcome.
  • Sanitize your hands all the more frequently; when you are at home, you can utilize cleanser.