How to Avoid Some Common Yoga Mistakes

Everyone is prone to make some common yoga mistakes when they are learning yoga for the first time. Our learning potential depends on our attitude towards our teachers and the practice.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that you can avoid in yoga as a beginner.

Depending on Your Instructor Too Much

You should never believe in the hype created around a certain teacher or a yoga school. All of them run fancy social media campaigns to attract more subscriptions. There are lots of terrible yoga teachers out there you should stay away from. Keep in mind that your yoga teacher is also a human, and is prone to make big mistakes in their teaching career. You should be aware that they are your teacher, but don’t depend on them too much, as they are prone to making some mistakes as well.Yoga

If you have a medical issue, maybe contact with an expert in that field, and keep the yoga just for your physical wellbeing.

Trying to Learn Everything By Yourself

You can simply join a yoga school and learn advanced poses even if you have no clue of doing yoga right now. There are no prerequisites, so, don’t stress yourself before the first class.

Yoga makes you flexible in both mental and physical terms. Being flexible isn’t a prerequisite to learn yoga. A good yoga school like Marianne Wells Yoga School is more than enough to help you learn all the poses perfectly.

Additionally, there is no particular outfit for yoga that you must wear in order to become a good yogi. So, be relaxed, and try focusing on the learning part instead of focusing on the aesthetics, because that’ll stress you out even more. Yoga is not competitive.