Code of Honor With Executive Protection Training

Without honor in this Business, we are no better than the people who threaten our flaws. This code should make an actual difference in your professional life. Use the code every day on missions.vow to uphold my responsibility in clearly identifying possible dangers to my principal and economically and effectively providing security. These activities shall be carried out with professionalism, based on the idea of serving my main, offering the best interest of my principal’s company and using appropriate protocol.

My Aim is to share the values of my principal’s corporation including ethics, confidence and, most importantly, reputation when doing my duties on all assignments.


Proper business attire is vitally important for EPS executive executive protection training expert since it communicates professionalism and competence. Should you dress inappropriately for global CXP corporate protection details, you can end up off the group in a rush. As an EPS in high tech international company culture, you might not know about really strict business apparel codes. Nearly all international corporations have 20-page dress code policy manuals, which never make their way into the hands of the EPS. Always dress like a strong expert agent on all worldwide CXP details. If you read about a chemical agent container being lost or stolen during transport in a particular country, either one of those possibilities should raise caution flags and might be predictors of becoming a high-risk chemical terrorist attack location.

Male EPS should bring two matches with white button-down tops on missions. Dark suit colors like navy blue, black or dark grey are best for global CXP details. The tie must match the suit and not be flashy. The purpose of your tie should put over your belt buckle. The best shoes for EP are Echo’s with over-the-calf socks in black, navy or brown colors. Female EPS should bring two suits on missions. Black, navy blue and dark grey are the best colors. Well-fitted company pantsuits are preferable, opposed to skirt suits for global CXP details. We have found most elite-level feminine EPS rely on pantsuits. The best shoes for EP are closed-toe shoes, no high heels. Exactly like male EPS, feminine EPS should use their wardrobe management to project a professional, competent image whilst on global CXP assignments.