Can Criminal Lawyer Help You If You’re Guilty?

If you’ve been caught for crime that you were actually doing, you might feel concerned about the consequences. In these circumstances, you might ask yourself whether you should hire a criminal defense lawyer or not.

Many people think that after they’re caught for a crime, all of their hope is lost. But because of the biases in the criminal justice system, being caught by police doesn’t mean that you’ll get sentenced as well. You can always try to save yourself from a conviction by hiring a good criminal defense lawyer. Even if the lawyer can’t save you from a conviction, they can help minimize the sentence to keep you out of jail for as long as possible. You can hire the best law firms in LA for criminal justice if you want to keep yourself safe.

Here are some of the best ways a lawyer can help you even if you’re guilty.

Defence Lawyer

Know If You’re Actually Guilty or Not

Before you make any assumptions about the case, you should talk to a lawyer and determine of you’re actually guilty or not. Since criminal defense laws are always changing, it might be possible that your acts don’t count as a crime.

Even if you’re guilty, you can always hire a good lawyer to keep yourself safe from criminal charges and jail time. Keep in mind that prosecution has to prove your guilt in order to convince the court to give a sentence. That provides you with a chance to dismiss the case.

You Can Get a Pre-Trial Release

If you’re in custody waiting for your trial, your lawyer can help you secure a bail. You might not even need a bail to get released as well. That’s why you should always hire a criminal defense lawyer to defend you.