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Dell accuracy m6500 workstation is made to free imaginative and clever experts, creators, research researchers, architects and artists from their work area. Further, Dell accuracy m6500 workstation likewise helps the protection clients’ main goal who needs versatile workstation security and execution, including information encryption and verification, while in the field. Like the m4500, Dell accuracy m6500 versatile workstation also offers advanced execution and similarity on 95 vital applications from most significant ISVs Autonomous Programming Sellers like Adobe, Autodesk, Schlumberger and Assault Systems. M6500 offers close to moment admittance to messages, contacts, schedule, virtual distant work area and web through another creative innovation – Dell accuracy on. Dell accuracy m6500 versatile workstation is truly strong. It ascribes profoundly persuasive workstation that merits the cash spent. As a solid versatile workstation, it has topped different workstations that are viewed as useful and strong. The portable workstation m4500 comprises of the accompanying elements

Dell Servers

  • Up to Intel center i7 outrageous release quad center processor
  • Certifiable Windows 7 expert
  • Up to 32GB of fast 1333 MHz DDR3 twofold information rate 3 memory for immense informational collections
  • Discretionary Strike either 0 or 1 stockpiling for overt repetitiveness or execution

Unmatched Execution

M6500 workstation is respected the most powerful portable workstation. Here, you can find the practically boundless imaginative power furnished with Veritable Windows 7 Expert, and discretionary Intel Center i7 Outrageous Version Quad Center Processor which act as one with 1600MHz or 1333MHz twofold information rate 3 DDR3 memory and surprising or NVIDIA Quadra FX or ATI Fire Star designs to support your talent. Providing particulars that couple of work area work stations might battle to deliver, Dell accuracy versatile workstation m6500, the most strong portable work station from Dell stays the most ideal choice for the hardest clients.

Monstrous Versatility

Dell M6500 workstation has an astonishing adaptability and expandability. Accuracy m6500 have the ability to oversee colossal measure of information.

  • Accuracy m6500 guarantees memory versatility up to 16 GB with the help for 4 memory DIMM spaces. With 2 committed hard drive sounds as well as an extra SSD smaller than expected card, may tinh dell dong bo capacity limit of Dell m6500 can increase to over 1 terabyte, additionally it is able to be designed in Strike 0 or 1 mode to work with incredible execution.
  • A few choices give you the adaptable choice to design Accuracy m6500 precisely the manner in which clients need. Select a discretionary RGB Drove edge to edge 17 screen alongside 100 percent Adobe client selectable variety range support, discretionary 2 MP cameras, multi-contact touchpad alongside the run transport, and this permits you to work your work station as you wish.